Cattle Payment grid with effect from Monday 3rd February 2020 for cattle supplied to ABP Lurgan and ABP Newry



Bonus Specification Category Criteria Deduction from quoted price
Weight Steers / Heifers / Young Bulls over 410kgs 10p/kg
over 430kgs 20p/kg
over 450kgs 30p/kg
over 500kgs 40p/kg


AA Cattle

Specification for AA Bonus on Steers / Heifers

Bonus Specification General Criteria
Grade E  U  R  2 / 3 / 4 30p
O+ / O= 20p
O- 10p
Weight 250 – 400 kgs
Age Under 30mths
FQAs Yes


Specification for AA Bonus on Young Bulls

Bonus Specification General Criteria
Grades E  U  R  O+ 3  / 4 10p
O= 5p
Weight 280 – 370kgs
Age U16mths



Date of issue: 06 Jan 2020

Download the ABP Cattle Grid by clicking here