FAQ – The 15 Point Grid:

1. What is the 15 point grid?
The 15 point is an enhanced version of the EUROP grid whereby each conformation and fat class are sub-divided into three; these are low (-), medium (mid) and high (+) classes. The system allows for more precision in carcass grading.

2. How will the 15 point Grid affect farmers?
The 15 point grid provides greater accuracy for carcass grading. This will ensure that farmers are being paid fairly for the cattle they sell to ABP.

3. Where has this grid been implemented?
The new grid has been implemented at all sites across the UK and Ireland.

4. What is the farmer response to the 15 point grid?
While the new grid takes a little time to adapt to, the response has been positive. Farmers are receiving more accurate pay for their cattle.

5. Where has the grid come from?
The 15 point grid was introduced in Northern Ireland and Scotland before ABP introduced it to UK sites. The grid has been introduced as a means of preparing for the future and the introduction to VIA (video image analysis).